Friday, April 26, 2013

Nicholas Sparks

I am not much of a reader, however my favorite author would have to be Nicholas Sparks. Anything that he writes, you had better believe I will be reading it. My all time favorite book of his would have to be The Choice. I also enjoyed Safe Haven  and well, all the others. :) Whenever I pick up one of his books I never put it down until I am done with it. It normally only takes me 3 days at the most, that is how much I enjoy them. I really wish I could find another author I love as much at him, but I cant seem to get into other books as much. It takes a really long time for him to come out with books. I feel like I have been waiting forever for him to write a new one! Its so hard because as soon as it comes out though I'll be done with it and have to wait forever for a new one! SO, hopefully he will hurry up and come out with another one. If you have not read any of his books, I totally recommend it!

The Pact

Last year I read a book that I rented at the library at my school. It was called The Pact, Judi Picoult. Its about a young girl and her boyfriend that go through a really tough time. The girl dies and her death is investigated. It turns out that the girl had committed suicide, and her boyfriend had helped her by getting her the gun. This book was so very good and I would definitely recommend reading it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Road Not Taken

The poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken, is very interesting.  In my opinion he's basically saying that do not follow in the path that everyone else does, just because it may be easy. Go your own way and make your own path and see what good can come out of that. I'd rather be a leader than a follower any day. Make your own decisions because you are you and only you.


In the poem Harlem, Hughes is talking about a dream. Dreams are something that everyone should have, whether they be long term or short term dreams. Some of the dreams I have that are long term are to have 2 children, and be married hopefully by the age of 25. I plan to build a house on my family's farm and continue raising animals. Some short term goals I have are to get accepted into Southside Regional Medical Center's nursing program this fall, and graduate in 18 months, and start working at the hospital. Never give up on a dream you may have, because after all you are the only one that can make them possible.

running out....

Running out of things to talk about that we have covered in class. I don't like blogging it kind of makes me feel like I am talking to myself. I'm really glad we didn't have to read that long novel because I am a procrastinator and only got to part II. The first part was good though, I just have a lot of other stuff to do rather than be reading that long novel. BUT this class was easy and fun all in all. I'm just so glad this semester is almost over with!

Hard Rock

The poem Hard Rock, really interested me. I think it was my second favorite poem that we've read in class. I really like the fact that is shows a story about a man in prison who was known for being a bad ass and running the whole prison. Then after he hurt some guards they took him to have a surgery that messed his brain up. Coming back from the surgery Hard Rock was no longer a bad guy, but instead his head was just full of mush and he was basically dead. Never to be the hard guy again.

Austrailan Guy

I thought that the Australian guy that came in to speak to us was very interesting! I liked the program that they are doing  for students at RBC and elsewhere. I think a study abroad program would be very interesting to participate in. I could never do it, myself, however I think it would be an awesome experience for others to expand their knowledge. There is no other place in the world as cool as Australia so who wouldn't want to visit and learn there!